Thomas Kunc


My Name is Thomas Kunc. I'm a software developer, based in Sydney, Australia. I currently study at UNSW, and work at both Kinesis and UNSW. I mainly work in Python, JavaScript and HTML/CSS, but also work and teach in C. My main passions are for teaching, communication, and making technologies to help people.

When I'm not working on a computer, I debate competitively, adjudicate, and tabulate within the Australasian debating circuit. I also sing, and have previously worked for Opera Australia as a child singer, and sung at St. Mary's Cathedral, Sydney.


Sydney Grammar
Sydney Grammar ( 2012 - 2017 )
Student for the Higher School Certificate.
University of New South Wales
University of New South Wales ( 2018 - )
Student for the Bachelor of Science (Computer Science).


Current Work
UNSW: Casual Academic
UNSW: Casual Academic ( 2018 - )
Working as a tutor for computer science courses.
Kinesis: Developer
Kinesis: Developer ( 2018 - )
Programmer working primarily on internal data science tools in Python.
Past Work
GPS Scorekeeper
GPS Scorekeeper ( 2012 - 2018 )
Created software to manage scoring a competition in Googlescript, and managed people to obtain results of competitions.
JB Hi-Fi Casual Media Assistant
JB Hi-Fi Casual Media Assistant ( 2018 )
Worked in a customer facing role, providing assistance to customers in technical decisions, and handling transactions.
Debating Coach
Debating Coach ( 2018 - )
Taught highschool debating in the Eastside and GPS competitions. Ran training sessions of 6-12 boys, teaching skills in argumentation, and current affairs knowledge.

Tech Skills